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Declared venerable in 1840, he was beatified in 1888, and canonized in 1900.The spirit of the institute, infused by the example and teachings of its founder and fostered by the exercises of the religious life, is a spirit of faith and of zeal.Joseph Calasanctius (1556-1648) had added Latin to the course of studies for the poor. Peter Fourier (1565-1640) and Père Barré, in 1678, failed; the work of M. The undertaking was much more difficult than the founder himself imagined.At the beginning he was encouraged by Père Barré, a Minim, who had founded a society of teaching nuns, Les Dames de Saint-Maur.

There were, therefore, numerous schools — petites écoles — for the common people in France in the seventeenth century, but teachers were few, because the more clever among them abandoned the children of the poor to teach those of the wealthier class and receive compensation for their work.

The spirit of faith induces a Brother to see God in all things, to suffer everything for God, and above all to sanctify himself.

The spirit of zeal attracts him towards children to instruct them in the truths of religion and penetrate their hearts with the maxims of the Gospel, so that they may make it the rule of their conduct. John Baptist de La Salle had himself given his Brothers admirable proofs of the purity of his faith and the vivacity of his zeal.

The superior general is aided by assistants, who at the present time number twelve.

He delegates authority to the visitors, to whom he confides the government of districts, and to directors, whom he places in charge of individual houses.

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The Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools is a society of male religious approved by the Church, but not taking Holy orders, and having for its object the personal sanctification of its members and the Christian education of youth, especially of the children of artisans and the poor.

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